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A nation-wide network of over 150 speed skating clubs help deliver programs and develop skaters of all ages and abilities. Learn more about how we’re leading the creation of a unified sport system that will help push speed skating forward.


A nation-wide network of over 150 speed skating clubs

With clubs in every province and territory, all Canadians can experience the thrill of racing on ice! If you’re interested in giving speed skating a try, our Find a Club tool will help you locate the clubs nearest you.

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Our provincial and territorial speed skating organizations (PTSOs) coordinate and support the nationwide development of speed skating, from introductory experience to international excellence. PTSOs manage the delivery of programs and activities in their respective regions, helping develop skaters, coaches and officials on the ground. They also assist local clubs with the delivery of grassroots programming in communities across the country.


Our network of local speed skating clubs assists with the delivery of grassroots programming in communities across the country. They introduce the sport to children of all ages, while helping to develop the next generation of elite skaters. If you want to help speed skating grow in your community, reach out to your provincial or territorial speed skating organizations (PTSO) to learn more about starting a speed skating club.


Speed Skating Canada has developed resources to help local groups learn more about the steps involved with starting a speed skating club in their community, including:

  • Club Overview
  • Club Goals and Objectives
  • Club Structure
  • Club Finances
Access these Guidelines in our Club Resources


We are committed to working alongside our colleagues at the provincial and territorial level (PTSOs) to provide volunteer club administrators and coaches with the tools they need to succeed. Our system is stronger when we work together to provide access and opportunity for all skaters, coaches, officials and volunteers within the speed skating community.


We are proud to partner with technology provider Interpodia on the IceReg membership and events management platform. This innovative solution, introduced to members beginning in the 2020-21 season, will help us better serve our existing speed skating community and drive growth in membership.

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Speed Skating Canada’s event hosting resources provide local clubs and event organizing committees with the tools required to plan and execute a successful speed skating competition.

  • Hosting Manual
  • Meet Manager Software
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Speed Skating Canada’s Event Sanction applications are submitted online via IceReg. An application should be submitted four weeks in advance of a competition. Once applications are approved, a PDF file can be printed to display at your event.

Questions regarding the process may be sent to: sanctions@speedskating.ca

Access our Event Sanction Application


Speed Skating Canada has developed introductory programs that will help skaters develop solid technical skills, physical fitness, and a lifelong love of our sport.


Our Learn to Skate program provides coaches and recreational program leaders with a series of sequential learn-to-skate activities through a 20-lesson curriculum. Its goal is to teach children basic on-ice skills and skating techniques to prepare them for participation in organized sports, including club-level speed skating programs.

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Our Learn to Speed Skate program was designed for speed skating clubs. The 40-lesson curriculum is a guide for coaches at the FUNdamentals level but can be adapted to accommodate a variety of ages and abilities. It introduces speed skating specific skills and techniques to skaters, allowing them to progress in club-level programming and eventually participate in competitions.

Download Learn to Speed Skate resources

For over 20 years, clubs across Canada have benefited from the Cutting Edge Pin Program, which focuses on testing the skills and abilities of a skater, in a fun and non-competitive environment. Through the successful implementation of this program, clubs can help provide young athletes with the necessary skills for high performance development.

Cutting Edge pins are handed out based on the completion of specific skills, which can be tracked using Report Cards. Provincial and Territorial Sport Organizations (PTSOs) and local clubs can purchase Cutting Edge pins for their skaters at any time of the year.

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Speed Skating Canada has programs in place to recognize the contributions of speed skating clubs, who work tirelessly to help our sport grow and thrive in communities across the country.