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A caring, passionate and well-trained coach can make a world of difference for our next generation of skaters. Learn more about the training, education and certification programs that provide coaches with the right knowledge and skills to help every skater reach their potential.


Being a coach is a rewarding and exciting experience as you help athletes reach their full potential through training, preparation, analysis and evaluation. By coaching on the ice or in the weight room and teaching athletes new skills, you can access a wide range of career opportunities, including travel across Canada and around the world.

Coaching Pathway

Speed Skating Canada’s coaching certifications are recognized by the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). The required level of coaching certification depends on the age group and competitive level of the athletes being coached. There is a training course available for each level within the coaching pathway.

To learn more about each certification level or begin your journey as a speed skating coach, please contact your provincial and territorial speed skating association or local club.


Obtaining training as a FUNdamentals Leader is ideal for anyone looking to get involved in coaching and learn more about the sport. This context allows coaches to work as an instructor or assistant coach with skaters in the Active Start, FUNdamentals or Learning to Train stages of development, as well as with skaters in Learn to Skate and Learn to Speed Skate programs.

This one-day workshop introduces participants to the sport and equips them with the necessary tools to work with a small group of skaters teaching basic skating skills in a safe, fun, and welcoming environment.

Training Requirements:
  • Workshop (8.5 hours)
  • Minimum Age: 14 years old

Becoming a FUNdamentals Coach is for individuals looking to teach skill development to skaters participating in introductory programs or racing in local and regional competitions. This certification level allows coaches to assume the role of lead instructor or head coach for skaters in the Active Start, FUNdamentals and Learning to Train stages of development, as well as work with skaters in Learn to Skate and Learn to Speed Skate programs.

Normally delivered over two weekends, this in-class and on-ice workshop provides coaches with an understanding of speed skating technique, equipment, and practice planning. Successful participants will be ready to design and lead an effective training program focused on skill development and fundamental movement skills.

Certification Requirements:

The Introduction to Competition certification is for coaches prepared to provide developing skaters with the basic skills necessary for successful competition, with an emphasis on technical development and seasonal practice plan design. With this certification level, one can assume the responsibilities of head coach for skaters in the Learning to Train and Training to Train stages of development. It is the minimum certification required to coach at national Championships and selection events.

This two-weekend workshop covers topics ranging from an introduction to biomechanics and performance analysis, to sport nutrition and the development of basic mental skills. It builds on a coach’s previous training by further exploring equipment, seasonal training programs and practice plan design.

Certification Requirements:

Achieving certification in Competition Development is for coaches looking to help speed skaters perform on the national and international stages. This certification level allows an individual to assume the responsibilities of head coach with skaters in the Training to Train, Learning to Compete and Training to Compete stages of development. It is the minimum certification required to coach at the Canada Winter Games, while also being highly recommended for coaches of Regional or Provincial/Territorial teams.

This certification level requires the completion of several multi-sport and sport-specific modules, webinars and workshops, the majority of which are available online. Topics covered include coaching leadership, program management, skater physiology, practice and performance planning, performance analysis, tapering and peaking.

Certification Requirements:

The Advanced Coaching Diploma (ACD) is the most extensive multi-sport training program offered by the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) in Canada. Coaches holding an Advanced Coaching Diploma are recognized as among the most qualified coaches and leaders of Canadian athletes and sport programs at the provincial, national and international levels.

Learn more about obtaining your Advanced Coaching Diploma

The Coaching Association of Canada grants the official designation of Chartered Professional Coach (ChPC) and the status of Registered Coach to Canadian professionals in the field of coaching. Participants at all levels benefit from the commitment to excellence and higher ethical standards embodied by Chartered Professional Coaches and Registered Licensed coaches.

Learn more about becoming a Chartered or Registered Coach

An NCCP Coach Developer is an experienced coach trained to develop, support, and challenge their peers during training. Coach Developers help coaches hone and improve their knowledge and skills so they can provide positive and effective sport experiences for all participants. Candidates must complete rigorous training and can play one of three roles.

  • NCCP Learning Facilitator: Trains coaches to coach at all levels
  • NCCP Coach Evaluator: Evaluates coaches and guides them to certification
  • NCCP Master Coach Developer: Trains, mentors and evaluates Coach Developers
Learn more about becoming an NCCP Coach Developer

Certification Program

As a coach completes training and evaluation activities for a particular certification level, they will be granted one of the following statuses:

  • In-Training
  • Trained
  • Certified

To become Certified at a particular level, coaches must be evaluated on their demonstrated ability to perform the skills necessary within that context. Depending on the level, this may include areas such as program design, practice planning, performance analysis, program management, ethical coaching, support to participants during training, and support to participants in competition.

Once a coach has achieved a Certified status in their current certification level, they will be able to pursue further training to acquire or refine their skills and increase their breadth of knowledge.


All coach training and certification is tracked in The Locker, the Coaching Association of Canada’s online database. Each coach’s profile in the database indicates their current certification status, outlines all training, workshops, clinics and events that they have taken part in, and tracks any Professional Development points the coach has earned.

Access your coach profile in The Locker

We recognize that coaching skills can be acquired through different forms of training outside of the formal NCCP Coaching Pathway, including courses and training outside of Canada. Our programs provide the opportunity to proceed directly to evaluation, allowing a coach to complete their certification requirements and demonstrate competency without necessarily attending all of the training identified in the Coaching Pathway.

Reach out to see if Direct to Evaluation is right for you


We are committed to the continued training and development of our coaches both on and off the ice, which is accomplished through clinics, workshops, professional development and educational opportunities, as well as national recognition initiatives.

Clinics and Workshops

Coaches have access to several opportunities for formal coach training that will lead to certification. These training programs are offered in workshop format by provincial and territorial organizations, or by Speed Skating Canada, depending on the certification level.

  • Fundamentals Leader workshop is organized by PTSOs
  • Fundamentals Coach workshop is organized by PTSOs
  • Introduction to Competition workshop is organized by PTSOs
  • Competition Development workshop is organized by SSC
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Professional Development

Professional Development (PD) is important for coaches to maintain their status achieved through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). The NCCP Maintenance of Certification policy requires that coaches earn PD points through training and learning modules offered within or outside of the NCCP program.

The number of PD points required to maintain certification depends on a coach’s current certification level.

  • FUNdamentals Leader: No PD requirements
  • FUNdamentals Coach: 10 PD points every five years
  • Introduction to Competition: 20 PD points every five years
  • Competition Development: 30 PD points every five years
Link(s) to NCCP PD Opportunities or Modules
Link(s) to Non-NCCP PD Opportunities or Modules

The Responsible Coaching Movement (RCM) is a call to action for sport organizations, parents, and coaches to enact responsible coaching across Canada – on and off the ice. The Movement outlines some of the systemic issues in sport, the role various parties play, and strategies for addressing these issues.

Speed Skating Canada has taken the RCM pledge to protect all participants. The steps to responsible coaching include the rule of two, background screening and ethics training.

Learn more about the Responsible Coaching Movement

This e-learning module on Safe Sport, developed by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC), will help anyone involved in sport – including coaches – to promote physical, psychological and social health, in line with the Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport.

This course is highly recommended (and could soon be made mandatory) for coaches at all levels. You will need an NCCP number – which can be created for free through The Locker – to access this module.

Complete Safe Sport Training



Coaches are encouraged to complete Making Head Way in Speed Skating. This e-learning module on concussion awareness, developed by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC), will help coaches gain the knowledge and skills required to ensure the safety of participants.

This course is highly recommended (and could soon be made mandatory) for coaches at all levels. You will need an NCCP number – which can be created for free through The Locker – to access this module.

Complete Making Head Way in Speed Skating


Alongside our partners, we have various programs in place to recognize the tremendous impact of our coaches, who dedicate countless hours of their time to help athletes reach their potential and develop valuable lifelong skills, both on and off the ice.


Speed Skating Canada has two annual awards that are given out to deserving coaches nominated by members of the Canadian speed skating community.

  • The Jack Walters Award for Coach of the Year is presented to a coach who has demonstrated sustained leadership within the coaching environment, at either the grassroots or high performance level, along with meaningful, long-term involvement on the club, regional, provincial or national stages.
  • The Coaches Award of Excellence is awarded to those who have made meaningful contributions to the sport of speed skating in the role of coach.
Learn more about SSC’s Coaching Awards



The Coaching Association of Canada’s annual awards program recognizes outstanding achievements in coaching, celebrating the full spectrum of coaching roles from community coaching to high performance, from annual success to lifetime achievement, and from coach development to peer mentorship.

The nomination period for the CAC Awards Program ends in May and the awards are handed out during the Petro-Canada Sport Leadership Conference in November.

Learn more about the CAC Awards Program

The Coach Recognition Pin Program acknowledges the long-term contributions and efforts of our coaches, honouring them for their distinguished service. Coach Recognition Pins are distributed by local clubs and PTSOs for years of service as an active coach.

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Gold 20 Years
Silver 15 Years
Bronze 10 Years
Charcoal 5 Years



National Coaches Week is a time to celebrate the positive impact coaches have on athletes and their communities across Canada. The annual campaign, organized by the Coaching Association of Canada, is an opportunity to recognize coaches for the integral role they play by saying #ThanksCoach.

Learn more about National Coaches Week



Canadian speed skating coaches can access relevant and up-to-date documents and tools through our Resource Library, which includes:

  • Non-NCCP Training and Modules
  • Practice Plans and Training Plans
  • Coaching Forms
  • Portfolio Form
  • Red Book


Coaches can also access a variety of speed skating videos on Speed Skating Canada’ YouTube channel, including competition footage, athlete profiles and the Up to Speed series, which provides tips on how to master technical skills. You’ll also find educational videos listed on our channel from partners such as the International Skating Union.


If you are looking for a resource that is not available in the Resource Library, or if you have questions about coaching, please reach out to us.